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Pigeons and Planes Presents: See You Next Year 2 [Vinyl PRE-ORDER]

Pigeons and Planes Presents: See You Next Year 2 [Vinyl PRE-ORDER]

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See You Next Year 2 is the second installment of Pigeons & Planes' compilation album series, created in collaboration with Big.Ass.Kids. This year's project was recorded at Rick Rubin's iconic Shangri La studios and showcases original songs from rising stars across hip-hop, alternative, and indie music, including Kenny Mason, Paris Texas, Monte Booker, and other artists to watch.

This limited edition pressing is available exclusively through pre-order and will ship in Summer 2024.


  1. "Bob Dylan Bus" by Kenny Mason, King Isis & monte booker
  2. "How To Cry" by AG Club & ICECOLDBISHOP
  3. "Dope Sick" by Love Spells & Deb Never
  4. "New Slaves" by skaiwater & Billy Lemos
  5. "Jump" by ICECOLDBISHOP
  6. "Big Bank" by Kenny Mason, Paris Texas, & Billy Lemos
  7. "223s" by Chase Plato & Love Spells
  8. "Gap Tooth" by Junior Varsity
  9. "Cesspool" by King Isis
  10. "Fatboy" by AG Club & Karriem Riggins
  11. "I Tried" by Hamond
  12. "Cannot Forget" by Deb Never & Kenny Mason
  13. "Bunches" by Binki
  14. "My Lili" by Chase Plato
  15. "Waiting For You" by monte booker

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